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So utilize this product and get more advantage from this. Escudellers House, Barcelona, Spain www. If the rooms get hot in the summer, provide either fans or air conditioning. The minimum size for a locker. Hostels are generally self-catering.

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Huge range of facilities - We have self-service kitchens, laundry, car parking and more. Boutique hostels[ edit ] The general backpacking community is no longer exclusively typified by student travellers and extreme shoe string budgets. Hostel managers discuss the pro and cons of carpets here.

Unlike a hotel chain where everything is standardised, these hostels can be very diverse, typically not requiring a membership card. There is frequently a distinction being a "party hostel" or not. Our global team of hostel management experts specializes in: These lockers are just large enough for a laptop, camera, and money belt.

In addition to the increase in quality among all styles of hostel, new styles of hostels have developed that have a focus on a more trendy, design interior. On arrival in your Sanctuary room you will receive a gift pack with quality hair care products and your own personal fluffy towel to use during the duration of your stay.

This will help guests break the ice, meet each other, and have a good time. The phrase "boutique hostel" an often-arbitrary marketing term typically used to describe intimate, luxurious or quirky hostel environments.

Having a single group kitchen is better than having kitchens in each room because one kitchen is easier to keep clean and helps guests meet each other. Best price guarantee for direct bookings. Hostels encourage more social interaction between guests due to the shared sleeping areas and communal areas such as lounges, kitchens and internet cafes.

The initial investment in the electronic locks are outweighed by: Extremely user friendly and easy to use. The best kind of locker is the kind that allows guests to bring their own padlock, or an electronic locker system that uses the same electronic keys as the locks to the dorm rooms.

Only senior girls have private dorms. Bring in the experts. We offer pleasant, comfortable and cheap accommodation in Prague center in large and bright rooms for the independent traveller and student group.

Offer many features all-in-one. One plus is that techincal support always getting back to us very quickly when we need them, also they keep updating new features to make a better PMS. The direction of the shower head should be adjustable.

Hostel Management Company

It is one thing when a TV kills the atmosphere in a hostel, but at least you can watch the TV. All medical matters are controlled by a Staff member on hour emergency standby. There is also a swimming pool and a spacious sports field for rugby, hockey, soccer and athletics practice.

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If you desire a late check-out, please discuss it before hand with hostel management staff. Software for Hotels & Hostels of all sizes, Windows & Cloud & Web based, with Channel Manager, Web & Mobile Booking Engine, Business Intelligence, Yield Management Software für Hotels und Hostels jeder Größe, Windows & Cloud & Web-basiert, mit Channel Manager, Web & Mobile Buchungsmaschine, Business Intelligence, Yield Management.

New World Facilities Management Company Limited is a non-profit making company. We care for our people We care for youth We care for the community.

Hostel Management Tips So now that I have started to work as a hostel manager, I have decided to open up a new series on my site. I’d like to introduce you to this new section on hostel management and tips for running a hostel.

Take care of all your hostel operations like selling beds and rooms, reservations, promotions, tours and everything from anywhere using eZee hostel software. Over 20 years professional management, Dragon Hostel has already served worldwide visitors from east to west and from north to south.

We determine to offer highest standard hospitality services and comfort place at competitive rates to all visitors around the globe. "A metaphor in essence of Management"!

New World Facilities Management Co. Ltd.

A sense of self-sufficiency and architectural harmony with the environment are the magically. realized intentions of this idyllic institute.

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